I'm having a buffering problem with following combination:
-Webserver: Apache 1.3.23
-CGI:       PHP 4.2.1
-Client:    IE 6.026 (but fails using others as well)

I want the output buffer of php being flushed to the client in a
time-consuming loop, using the flush() and/or ob_flush() functions of
php. The client recieves no output till the script is totally

Possible causes:

-is the php buffer function working properly?
  Yes it is. When i start buffering some text i check for the size of
  the buffer to grow, and it does. Then i flush it and i can see the
  buffer size is 0. So this means that php sends the buffer to the
  backend right?

-is the browser buffering?
  Yes it does, but sending 300 bytes prior to the 'real' data fixes
  that problem, as i could see on another server using the same
  client, but differing versions of php/apache. (php 4.0.2/
  apache 1.3.14). On this particular server it worked like a charm.

-is apache using gzip?
  Yes, gzip is enabled.It is known for buffering output till a script
  finishes, but i disabled gzip in httpd.conf for this particular
  file, as shown below:
  <IfModule mod_gzip.c>
    <Location /export/home/'hostname'/htdocs/debug.php>
       mod_gzip_on no
  I think that this should do the trick. If not, how could i verify
  gzip being disabled?

Does this (newer) version of apache/php has some defaults that enable it
to buffer output? If so how can i disable them for one particular

Thnx in advance,


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