Hi everyone.

I thought you would be interested about a new template system called
Templeet. The way it works is fairly new. It's almost a new language
which allows you to not have to do any PHP (when I say that, I think
about the PHP syntax), but still offers all the PHP API, and much
more. It focuses on performance.

LinuxFr.org uses it since few weeks, as you can see the yearly load
graph at http://linuxfr.org/images/load/load-yearly.png, since we have
switched for Templeet, the load is much smaller. We handle about
600Khits/day theses days. Templeet is able to handle about 1 billion
hits / month on a PII 400 depending of what you have to do.

Templeet has a auto-install script which should make your life easy.

To see an template's source :

http://linuxfr.org/board/ is generated by

Feedbacks are welcome, we always are interested about users wishes.

http://templeet.org/ is the url.

Fabien Penso

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