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>BTW, is there any reason why PostgreSQL is not mentioned here? While it
>seems there are far more MySQL installations, I personally value PostgreSQL
>higher... it's OpenSource as well, it's an OO database (you may inherit,
>have object identifiers, etc), and it doesn't suffer from MySQL's
>self-admitted limitations, mainly the lack of stored procedures and triggers.

I agree, I'm a big fan of PostgreSQL as well.  I started using MySQL
with PHP, but now I have used PostgreSQL for three seperate production
databases and I find it just as easy to use as MySQL, and much more
flexible.  I think the general feeling among PHP developers
(especially beginners) is that MySQL is easier to work with, but I
personally don't understand that.  I think the command line 'psql' is
just as easy as the command line 'mysql', and when I need a GUI I
think pgAdmin II fills in nicely.  And you get foreign keys, triggers,
stored procedures, sub-selects, unions, etc. etc. etc.

Sorry, just had to send a "me too" response... :)

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