At 17:24 07.11.2002, John Meyer spoke out and said:
>On a PHP event, does the onLoad event in a document run before or after the
>page is parsed, created, and sent to the user?

Hmm - maybe I should a little elaborate on this topic, as it is very often

Statement 1:
PHP runs at the server side, and Java/VB/Whateverscript at the client's.

Statement 2:
First, all server side applications are processed, generating output.
Second, the client parses data received from the server and displays it.


If you lean back and look at these two statements, it will be very clear
that the client doesn't know anything how data was constructed by the
server, and the server doesn't know what the client will do with the data
it is about to transmit.

The server builds the HTML code, including any JavaScript functions and
event handlers. These are just ordinary text to the server application; it
does nothing special with it.

The client (if JavaScript is enabled) will execute the onLoad() code as
soon as the _whole_page_ has been received AND rendered, at this time the
server has already forgotten about the request...

There cannot (CANNOT) be any interaction between client-side Javascript and
any server-side application. These two are effectively independent!

Hope this clears things up...

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