For validation purposes I always like to print the Form within the script
that is doing the validation.  It solves a lot of problems.  As for coming
back to the Form at a later date the method is going to depend on how long
you want to keep the data.  A Session will only last as long as the client
is active.  A Cookie can last a lot longer but they can always be deleted
and many users turn them off until they absolutely need them.  You might
consider a Login/Password system and store the user preferences in a
database for the most flexibility and control.

To store the $_POST vars in a the active session using strict methods you
can do something like this:
foreach ($_POST as $key => $val)
    $_SESSION[$key] = $val;


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> hello everyone,
> first, is there a way of reloading a FORM with the data that the user
> have typed, after the action="validation.php" has been determined that
> some fields nedd to be reloaded? On other words, the user has no need to
> refill the entire form. Is a cookie needed?
> second one, what is the correct method for save _POST in _SESSION
> variables, so the values can be preserved for later retrieval?
> Excuse me for my english, thanks
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