In case you're interested, I'm relatively sure this list
has a idiot spammer subscriber.  I just received my first
spam message and subscribed to this list today.
Have been using this email address for about a year
and Google search (and a couple of the other major search
engines I just checked) produces *no results* for my
email address.

Wonder once in a while what sort of a lamebrain one 
would have to be to spend time being a spammer.   
I really feel so sorry for them.  They must not have the 
slightest clue about how to do anything productive.

At 10:27 PM 11/7/02 +0100, you wrote:
>Right, I get it.
>By the way, do any of you know an effective way to denounce spam abuses?
>So far I have been using the service, but I would be glad to
>receive some info on how the others cope with spam abuses.

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