try this:
$yyyymmdd  = "$foo.$bar.$bleh.$doh"; /*note double-quotes and the concat
operator (the period) */
$$yyyymmdd  = a_date_value;

To test;
echo $yyyymmdd ;
echo $$yyyymmdd;  /*provided that a_date_value is a string literal*/

Robert McPeak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
My newbie brain is maxed out on this, and I'm sure one of you more
experience guys can quickly straighten me out.

I've got a variable:

$_yyyymmdd =  a_date_value;

Later, I've got four variables;

$foo= _;

I want to stick these variables together on the fly to get "_yyyymmdd " and
use that value as a variable name to return "a_date_value".

It would be the equivalent of,

echo "$foo$bar$bleh$doh";

That would give me "a_date_value"

I've read the docs on dynamic variables but still can't seem to break
through mentally on this one.  Can you clear this up for me?

Thanks in advance.

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