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--- Begin Message --- I'm making a php database application. The database tables have many rows and in a webpage i have to display a big number of that rows, but the browser display the information so slow or the browser chash.
So i was thinking to make a search engine simulation or webmail simulation, that display the rows from 10 x 10 (rows) or N x N.
I was thinking to add a new correlative column to the database table, and use it, but in this case, i have to display the rows in the add order.
I want to display the rows in alphabetic or other order.
I have 2 versions of the application, in oracle and mysql.
In the oracle version i find a solution with a query, buy only run in oracle 8i because older version don't have some features i used.
I tried to put all the data in a php array and display n x n, but i don't know how efficiently it is.
Do you know a query solution (oracle or mysql) or a php efficiently solution for this problem?



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