This is a common upgrader's 'register_globals' confusion problem ;-)
Basically what it means is that arbitrary values are not parsed in a GET-type request, like your action=new.

You must explicitly ask for them..
*I* personally use this (I'm sure others will follow up with their code) at the top of my files:

if ($_GET['action']) // $_GET[] is the superglobal for GET requests
$action = $_GET['action'];

Hope this clears it up!

Phil wrote:

Apologies for revisting any old ground but I am not able to resolve this.

I have been running a php script that uses an argument


It used to work on linux 7.3 php4 apache 1.3.2

I have just upgraded my test environment to
linux 8.0 php4.3.2 apache 2.040

now it doesn't work becuase the arg does not get parsed. I am sure that this
is a config issue but I do not know it - any assistance much appreciated.



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