> If you're only executing one-liners and get all the
> results back you're
> better off using shell_exec(). popen() lets you open
> a pipe to a
> command--that way, you can funnel data to it as if
> you were typing from the keyboard.

That's what I'll do then: use shell_exec().

> Permissions would be a problem with readdir() as
> well.

So this really shouldn't be a deciding factor then.

Anyway, I've got it working out. I have it returning
an array of filenames if successful. If it's a
successful call, but no files exists (for instance
*.html with no HTML files), then it returns 0. If it
can't read the directory or the dir doesn't exist, it
returns NULL.

Just to make sure, I can do this:
if($files = GetFileListing("htmls\*.html")) {

and it will skip it if there either are no HTML files,
oe htmls doesn't exist, right? If I get a 0 or a NULL
return? (I figure, if I need to distinguish between
these two, I can always do a $==0 or $==NULL comparison).

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