At 22:56 08.11.2002, Khalid El-Kary said:
>I wanted to ask about if big include files affect the speed of the script ?

if it's included with include_once, it shouldn'r make a big difference - on
an average linux box loading a 21k file into memory should take no more
than 0.5 msec, plus source parsing.

>Normally, it should, but i heared that PHP stores the parsed result of 
>scripts in memory since the first run for next usage, is that true? and if 
>not, does parsing 21 KB very time, really affects the speed?

This depends on the code - if you have a lot of comment, then it's usually
faster ;-)

Honestly - you need to profile this to get a real answer. If you have a
"library" with a bunch of functions it would be better to include only a
subset of functions when you need them.

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