They contain the same data.

Newer versions of PHP (>= 4.1.1 I think) make use of the new superglobal
arrays (like $_POST, $_GET, $_SESSION, $_COOKIE, $_SERVER, etc)...  This way
of doing things is more secure, and will encourage smarter programming.

You can get the old behaviour back by changing register_globals to ON in
your php.ini, but I'd encourage you to move forward to the new way of doing

The fact that tutorials are outdated & using old code is not a good reason
to stick with it :)

Quick fix to get this script working is to put this near the top of the


Untested, but you should then be able to use the script as it currently is.


on 09/11/02 7:12 AM, Ray Seals ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I'm running PHP 4.2.3 as an Apache Module
> When I try to use $PHP_AUTH_USER it returns nothing.  But if I print out
> $_SERVER["PHP_AUTH_USER"] it prints the user name I tried.
> All of the sample code and books that I have use the $PHP_AUTH_USER.
> Can anyone give me some insight on what the difference is?
> Ray

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