"Sterling Hughes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I definitely think that _you_ should do it.
> But this is not the proper place for these questions, ask them on

Sorry for the inappropriate cross-posting Sterling.  I was explicitly
looking for answers from people with inside knowlegde about the direction
development on the scanner is likely to go.  I'm a little confused by your
answer: I take it you think I'm relatively safe leaving off the ?>.  Did I
get your meaning correctly?

"Ernest E Vogelsinger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> The least I can say that it's bad style... it's not documented, and
> therefore any tag should be closed.
> Most ascii editors can be configured to discard trailing whitespaces; and
> PHP will even ignore a newline character following immediately a closing

I agree it's bad style - feels kinda like leaving off </html>.  On the other
hand, I've got a situation where it's very easy for any of a number of
developers to break binary output in an unobvious way by editing quite
unrelated files (related only by a big tree of common includes).  I'm
looking for a practical solution.

I can configure *my* editor (though it might take me some time to learn how
to do this in emacs).  When dealing with a team of people, each with his own
religious convictions re text editor of choice, it's difficult enough to get
everyone to use spaces instead of tabs.

I know this is undocumented (I spent a lot of time reading archives of these
groups before posting).  I have a hunch, though, that this is the kind of
fundamental behavior of the scanner that's not gonna change any time soon.
If it does, I hope it will break catastophically rather than mysteriously.

"David McArthur" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> PHP 4.2.2 (linux) doesn't seem to mind if I leave off the closing ?> tag
> the end of a file.  Is the ?> assumed at EOF?
> I have PHP that outputs binary and along the way I include() a lot of php
> scripts.  I'm constantly having problems when I leave a little whitespace
> the end of some script after the ?> which screws up the output binary.
> First time this happened it took me hours to figure out the cause.
> What does everyone think about just leaving off the ?> as a solution to
> this?  It works for me now, but would any PHP developer care to
> prognosticate on the liklihood this might change in future?

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