While testing my site with various browsers, I've run into a viewing problem 
in IE6 and Mac/IE5.1.

In IE6, all I see is a line (which would be the base of the picture), while 
in Mac/IE the output is 1" wide x 4"  high and highly distorted. (that's why 
I set height to 'auto' - to allow for varying heights).

I'm wondering:
Is my code at fault:

        /* lotsa code here */
        $_SESSION['px'] = "1";
        . . .   
        . . . <td align='left'><img src='/pix/{$_SESSION['rpix']}' width='120'         
        height='auto'></a></td> . . . "; 

        /* Is an 'alt=??' necessary in there? */

Or is it a browser issue?
The code works well with Opera 6.01, Mozilla 0.98, and Konqueror 2.2.2

Any help where to look would be greatly appreciated.

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