I have a database that stores a value of the type double.  I do a SUM()
query on the column and return save the value to a variable called,
'$amount' which I divide into a fixed value (5000) .  The math works out
fine when $amount < 1000.  However, when $amount > 1000, then the decimal
places are wrong.

   // successful query, now fetch the data.
    $row = mysql_fetch_row($result);
    if (!$row) {
        return (-1);
    $dollar = $row[0];
    $tmp = ($dollar)/((double)5000);
    echo $tmp;
    return ($dollar);

$amount = 1,104.40

the result of echo, $tmp is displayed as '0.0002'.  What's wrong here?  The
problem only occurs when the value is greater than a 1,000?  Could the ','
messed the computation up somehow?  I did another computation

$a = 1000
$b = 5000
$c = $a/$b;

$c does equal '0.2' which is correct.


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