I recently updated from 4.2.0 to 4.2.3 - since doing so values submitted to php from HTML forms using keys - value="foo[bar]" - get truncated in php - example: if I submit "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" it will come out as "eight13.com" with a print_r($_POST)

I found these bug reports which say what appears to be the same bug has been "fixed in CVS":


I'm wondering where to go from this point. I have a production server which I need this fixed on.

Is my only choice to checkout the entire branch for the latest version 4.2.x? (I'm assuming its branched - I've not looked at any of this yet)

Is there not a patch? Could I just checkout the applicable files?

http://snaps.php.net/ wasn't avilable at the time of writing this - possibly it would have given me more information.

Apache 1.3.20
php from source as module
Mandrake 8

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