I updated my development-server

--> FreeBSD 4.7-REALEASE, Apache/1.3.27 (Port-Build), PHP 4.2.3
(Port-Build) ...]

After this I found


In the manual. I downloaded the manual and changed some config-item

Alias /manual/ "/XXXXX/XXXX/manual/"

docref_roof = /manual/php4_manual
docref_ext = .html

But I noticed no changes!

- is this a future of php ?.?.? ??

- are some configure options needed for the build?

- is it useful, how does it look like?

[some more options out php.ini]
error_reporting  =  E_ALL
display_errors = On
log_errors = On
html_errors = On
error_log = "/XXXXXX/YYYYYYYYY/ZZZZZ/php.err"
docref_roof = /manual/php4_manual
docref_ext = .html

Best regards

Stefan Schiller

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