Start by reading all the pages in this section:

Particularly the forms one.

Now you should know heaps about PHP, variables, forms, etc etc.

Now you need to insert that data into mysql through a PHP script.  There are
hundreds of tutorials on this...  Kevin Yank gives away the first 4 chapters
of his book on

Read Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP & MySQL Part 1 thru to
part 4 -- somewhere along the way he introduces MySQL, the theory behind
relational databases, and how to insert and query a database.

I know, it's a lot reading, but I don't think there's an easy way into
this... I can give you an instant fix example of inserting data, but you
won't understand how or why...  to do what you want to achieve in the other
posts, you really should get a firm grip at the start by doing a lot of

There's also some good starting points on, like:
etc etc

Since you want to create users (managers), this will involve sessions and
user management.  The link I directed you to in an earlier email
( will provide you with code you
can easily adapt to suit.


on 10/11/02 9:19 AM, Karl James ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hello
> I was wondering if anyone had a good tutorial on how
> To insert data from a form I created to the managers
> Table in my database.
> Im using mysql and php for this?

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