At 06:34 10.11.2002, Monty said:
>When I use set_error_handler('error_function') in my scripts, errors are
>constantly being triggered that I've never seen before. If I comment the
>handler function out, the errors go away. I have the error reporting set
>very loosely: error_reporting (E_ERROR | E_USER_ERROR) - so not sure why it

It's somewhere in the docs - can't remember where just now, I believe
isomewhere in the user comments for error_handler:

your error_handler gets _all_ type of error,warning,notice, regardless of
the actual setting of error_reporting (which only decides if the
error/warning/notice gets sent to the client or not).

>keeps triggering an error, because the error I keep getting is:
>    Undefined variable: target
>This is the same error message no matter what script I run. I don't even use
>a variable named $target anywhere in any of my scripts, so, this is
>baffling. And this seems like an E_NOTICE error message, but, I'm only
>asking for E_ERROR and E_USER_ERROR notices.

Might point to a dynamic variable named target:

$varname = 'target';
if ($$varname) {

gets me
Notice: Undefined variable: target in /www/test/test.php on line 4

Do a grep for "target" on your source files.

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