Hi all,

I wrote a site a while back which has a booking system for event guest
lists. It was my first venture into PHP, and now that it needs some more
work done on it (mainly making the site more open so people don't have to
sign up until they book on the guest list)  I really want to rework the
back-end (making it object-oriented like I should have done in the first
place, cutting down the number of database requests, getting rid of the
JavaScript validation, etc.), and I want to obviously make the most use of
any classes/frameworks that are already out there.

I've been looking at CMS such as PostNuke, but most seem to be an overkill
for what I need, and the aesthetic design is pretty specific so it has to
fit into that. I've also looked at using ADODB, which seems pretty useful,
and PEAR, which seems to do the same and a bit more, such as HTML templates.
I can find many membership management systems, but as yet haven't found any
open source booking systems - anyone know of any or should I bear this in
mind and release one from the outcome of this development?

Can anyone recommend frameworks/starting points/websites that could be
useful to me? I seem to be going round in circles at the moment and don't
want to go for one particular solution in case it's the 'wrong' one and I
regret it later. Once I go for a particular solution, it's going to take a
lot of learning, so I don't want to (and can't afford to) waste lots of time
on the wrong one.

The site is http://www.belugablues.com (there's no events on it at the
moment - the content manager hasn't quite got round the concept of having to
keep a site up-to-date, but will do :O) - you can log in using the username
'testing' and password '123123'

Many thanks in advance for your advice and help,

Steve Purkiss

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