Hi, i got this project i'm building right now. It basically a core system to
do adminsitrative modules for web sites.

I got tons of classes that get created on call of a function like
sql_setup(), frm_setup(). These functions create the objects from the
classes so they can be used later in other objects...yada yada yada...

Now my thing is, instead of always starting my method of an object with
"global sql_server;" and "global frm_builder", is there a way that these
variables are declared as global automatically, just like i would get
$_GET[], $_POST[] and so on, they are already global. I want to do this to
simplify development since this project is going to be HUGE. And also it
will facilitate debugging as i've been using "global" at a lot of places and
when you forget one, PHP assumes the creation of a dummy variable messing up

I'm waiting for an anwser,
thank you

Mathieu Dumoulin
Programmer / Analayst in web solutions
Groupimage Comunications

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