Le dimanche, 10 nov 2002, à 12:24 Europe/Paris, .: B i g D o g :. a écrit :

The best way to enable cli is to re-configure php without apache and
everything else you want.
You mean 2 PHP implementation : one for Apache(existing) and a new one standalone ?

I like to add --bindir to the configuration so i can put the executable
in the /usr/local/bin directory for my cli programs..

This should work for you and create a cli executable program that you
can use...

On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 18:00, Pierre Vaudrey wrote:
I'm running PHP4 on Mac OS 10.2.1 using Marc Liyanage's binaries
compiled with --disable-cli option .Is there any possibility to install
an extension to enable CLI ?
Thanks for your help .

Pierre Vaudrey
.: B i g D o g :.

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