Justin wrote...

> ...every link across your site has to be a form submit.  Yuk!!!

Yeah, yuk.  I'm very silly and didn't realize this until after I'd posted.
It's possible since links will be generated automatically, but yuk.

Ernest wrote...

> Hmm - NIH syndrome?
> (>>not invented here<<)

No, I'm far too lazy for that luxury.   :^)

> If you don't want cookies (I too don't use them for a session and have
> disabled session cookies in our php.ini), PHP will transparently merge the
> session identifier into its output (as long as you don't use ob_gzhandler,
> that is). But why don't you like the session ID magled into links?

Well, I'm still a newbie to PHP, and for some reason thought that all
persistant data (not just the session ID) would have to be serialized into
the links.

Many thanks, Justin and Ernest, for straightening me out on PHP sessions --
my only excuse is that the otherwise very-helpful "Professional PHP
Programming" barely discusses them.

-- Charles Wiltgen

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