First off, I wouldn't go comparing one language to another as "better" (a
jihad has broken out on another list between Perl and PHP, substituting
belief for anything remotely resembling a civilized and intelligent
discussion), but if you want to convince them about the merits of PHP, look
up the news stories about Yahoo abandoning its own  proprietary language for
PHP.  Also, if any of your clients have experience with Perl, you can use
the comparison about regular expression handling there.  You can also refer
to for a description of the popularity of PHP.

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Hi all,

I'm not too sure if this is the right place to get my answers but I really
need to know this:

    How can I convince my clients that PHP is really good? I mean not a lot
of non-programmers have heard of PHP language. Most of them only heard of
things like C/C++, ASP and the like. So, how can I prove to them that PHP is
a much better language to use?
    Can anyone point me to the right resources for me to show and prove to
my clients?
    Thanks a lot and sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question.


Wee Keat Chin

"Don't find a fault; find a remedy"

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