Peter VanDijck wrote...

> I want to write some (browser based) software that will get installed on the
> client's servers, and I want it to update automatically (as in Windows XP: new
> updates are downloaded and presented for install). Can that be done with PHP?

I've been considering something similar, and I don't see any reason why it
can't be done.  Ultimately, this is just be using PHP to FTP something from
one place to another with lots of logic on top.

> Some ideas so far (that will probably betray my ignorance :): - updating
> images will require write access that may introduce security issues?

Security issues will prevent you from reading or writing any files that
your PHP process doesn't have permissions for.  In my experience, the only
reliable way to do this is by using FTP using the username and password that
the user will (presumably) give you.

Charles Wiltgen

   "Well, once again my friend, we find that science is a two-headed beast.
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    but the other head of science is bad!  Oh beware the other head of bites!" -- The Tick

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