I am using a PHP script which allows the user to upload files through a
browser (the script opens an FTP session behind the scenes). The problem is,
all browsers (on Mac and PC platforms) often time out after a random amount
of time, between five minutes and a couple hours or sometimes not at all.
They display a dialog box saying something like the "connection was
refused". Usually this means a file can't be uploaded if it's sufficiently
large, say, 5-10 megs.

The browser appears to be waiting for a response from the server during the
upload, which of course doesn't come until the upload is complete.

Has anyone found a way to work around this problem? I suspect that this
problem will occur no matter what scripting language is used, because it's
simply a function of the browser's handling of <INPUT TYPE="FILE"> in a
form. I've already tried setting PHP's max_execution_limit in the php.ini
file, and I use "ftp_set_option($connection, FTP_TIMEOUT_SEC, 10000);".

Thanks for any help!

Scott Teresi

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