Hi all,

I came back from vacations and forgot some things about queries... can
anyone tell me what is wrong with this? of all the error messages I set up
in the script, none comes back on the page but the record is not saved...


$db = mysql_connect("www.icaam.com.ar", "icaam", "********");
if (!$db)
 die("No se pudo abrir la base de datos");

$ok = mysql_select_db("icaam");
 die("No se pudo acceder a la base de datos");

$borndate = $bornd . $bornm . $borny;
$phonenumber = $phone;

$query = "INSERT INTO mararegistro (visitorid, fname, lname, borndate,
address, city, country, phone, how) VALUES (null, 'c', 'c', 12, 'c', 'c',
'c', 12, 'c')";
$result = mysql_query($query) or die (mysql_errno());
if (mysql_affected_rows() != 1)
 die("Fallo al guardar datos");

echo "Gracias por administrarnos su información.";


Any thiughts? Thanks in advance,


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