you could break out into the shell and do
rm $dir/*    (rm -r $dir/*  if there's directories too)
             (or  del $dir/*.*  for dos)

or use opendir, readdir, closedir to read the directory's content and use
unlink to delete the file(s)

(if $dir is not hardcoded, I can see a security hole here....)

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Hello Everyone,

I have a directory that I want emptied everytime a script accesses a certain
function. I tried using rmdir() and then mkdir(), thinking that it will
delete the directory and the contents within it, and would create a brand
new directory for me to work with from scratch. Well, that didn't happen and
I read the PHP docs to see why.

I checked to see how else I can do this by reading about some other
filesystem functions, and now I'm more confused than ever. Which
combinations of functions would I need to empty a directory's entire
contents? I just need some direction on this. Thanks.

- Nilaab

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