Do you store this utf-8 stuff only in xml files??
Do you use a database? I was under the impression that mysql doesn't support utf-8


I utf8_encode and utf8_decode all data that I put into XML files. The application is on a large site so it is thoroughly tested and has encoded and decoded data without problems. I have run the application on Linux Slackware and FreeBSD.

Quoting Charles Wiltgen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:


I anyone out there using UTF-8 for files and databases? I want to use it
for everything, and it'd be a major hassle if PHP's UTF-8 support was super-
dependent on underlying OS issues, so any feedback is appreciated.

-- Charles

Charles Wiltgen wrote...

How mature is PHP's support for UTF-8, real-world? Is it ubiquitous


to use for commercial applications that'll be running on systems that you
don't configure yourself?

From the notes in the documentation, it sounds like there are dependencies
on the underlying OS, and that I wouldn't be able to count on this

I'd love to hear about the experience of list members who use this on many
different PHP platforms.

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