On 11/13/2002 03:46 PM, Duncan wrote:
all my scripts on my server, which use the mail() function, get the sender:
where domain is the localdomain of the server and nobody is the user under which apache is running.

now i recently saw an error in the logs, that some servers don't accept emails coming from a "nobody@" scheme.
How can i change the sender, so that i can use s.th. else?
Will i have to change the apache user to get rid of the "nobody"?

I am not talking about the "From: " or "Reply To:" parameters, but the actual
"Received: from nobody by domain.com with local (Exim ....) ....."
line in the header.

My server runs with RedHat 7.3 & latest apache 1.x & php versions.
Try mail() 5th parameter with -f switch.

If you have trouble with that, try this class that lets you specify the sender address using the Return-Path: header:



Manuel Lemos

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