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--- Begin Message --- Boy do I REALLY need some query was on the production database, the other was on the development copy. I suppose I should set the programmer_first_check_database_parameter_you_idiot setting in php.ini...

Sorry for consuming unnecessary list space.

<sound of head meeting door jamb repeatedly>


I have a query oddity that looks like an integer overflow, but it shouldn't be.

Excerpt from my program:


echo "\n<br>$Query<br>\n";

$hResult = _do_query(__LINE__, $Query); # _do_query() simply executes mysql_query, and does nice error formatting if necessary
$First = true;

while ($Row = @mysql_fetch_array($hResult)) {

if ($First) {
$First = false;

'<tr bgcolor="', $TableColor['row1'], '">',
'<td>', $Row['source_code'], '</td>',
'<td>', $Row['chromo_code'], '</td>',
'<td>', $Row['type'], '</td>',
'<td align="right">', number_format($Row['min_exon_length']), '</td>',
'<td align="right">', number_format($Row['max_exon_length']), '</td>',
# '<td>', $Row['min_exon_length'], '</td>',
# '<td>', $Row['max_exon_length'], '</td>',




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