This is the 4th and last time I'm going to write this, because you don't
seem to be listening.  There is an EXCELLENT working example / tutorial /
article on member/session management by Kevin Yank on

It covers:

- creating a registration script and adding the members to the database
- confirmation of email address
- login scripts
- session management
- restricting page access to members only

It can easily be adapted to suit any needs I can think of.  I don't care if
you don't want to USE this code, but the article is definitely worth the
read, and getting a working example on your server will help you LEARN how
to do this stuff for yourself, and UNDERSTAND it.

The article above is what taught me about this stuff, and formed the basis
of my own libraries of code.  Get your hands dirty, and spend a few hours
trying to UNDERSTAND what needs to be done, you need to look at the big



on 14/11/02 3:41 AM, Karl James ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hello people
> Im doing the fantasy football project
> I have created a form for my owners to register there username and
> passwords
> So that it gets added to the dbase.
> My question is what should be my next part?
> Make a login page if so I would need help with that and wonder if there
> is anyone 
> Out there that can help me.
> Then from there, once you log in it will take you to your team action
> page
> Where you can add/delete  trade players.
> I need help with interface and login script as well.pleas email me.
> Karl.

Justin French
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