On Thursday 14 November 2002 17:22, conbud wrote:
> Whats wrong here ?? The variables are getting the correct information from
> the form but for some reason as soon as I put the variables into the $sql
> they dont post the proper data to the database, its connecting to the
> database ok but just not updating the data.
> $sql = "UPDATE updates SET member= '{$_POST['mem']}', email=
> '{$_POST['email']}', position= '{$_POST['pos']}', dateadded=
> '{$_POST['dateadded']}', descp= '{$_POST['descp']}', message=
> '{$_POST['message']}' where id= '{$_POST['id']}'";
> $result = mysql_query($sql);

Does echo($sql) look OK? 

How about echo mysql_error()? Or executing $sql in the mysql command line 

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