I have been trying to figure something out here and am having problems. What I have is a problem with outputting some info in a table. Here is what I have and the problem is in the "getstart_end" function. This should be a working copy if you want to run it and I have put in some sample times.

// $dend is actually how many hours from the start time. It is not a clock time in itself.
// So that would mean that a $dstart of 07:00:00 and a $dend of 6:00:00 would actually make
// the $dend time 13:00:00 (1pm)

// This just creates the table and works
function createtemptable(){
$result=mysql_query("CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE IF NOT EXISTS aplayabletimes
(`min` time

// This just populates the table in 5 minute increments and works
function populatetemptable(){
$result=mysql_query("INSERT INTO aplayabletimes

/ / This deletes times from the table and works
function deletetimes($dstart,$dend){
$result=mysql_query("DELETE FROM aplayabletimes WHERE min > '$dstart' AND min < '$dend'");

// Here is where I am having problems. I need it to give me the start time
// And the end time. There can be gaps in the table for times.
// It starts at 00:00:00 and goes to 23:55:00 (in 5 minute increments). Once time frames are deleted,
// it could have times from (example) 07:00:00 - 13:00:00 and another time frame from
// 18:00:00 to 21:40:00. What I need it to do is to output like this:
// "First Start Time - First End Time" newline
// "Next Start Time - Next End Time" newline
// etc....... (because there can be multiple start and end times)
// To determine if there is a new time block, there would be more than a 5 minute gap between
// the end of one time block and the start of another time block.
// The $i is just to grab the first block and I know there has to be a better way then this to do that too.
function getstart_end(){
$result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM aplayabletimes ORDER BY min");
echo $row->min . " - ";


// This just deletes the temporary table
function droptemptable(){
$result=mysql_query("DROP TEMPORARY TABLE playabletimes");

Thank You in advance for any help that you can give me on the problem.

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