When you compile php + apache....many people have php as a DSO.  So
there is no actual binary file in a bin directory that is called.  You
can also have php as a module that is in the apache core, where it is
loaded automatically in apache (not a DSO).

You can run php as a cgi which uses the binary...however that is really
slow compared to the module.

If you need the binary php then you can reconfigure php without apache
(leave everything else), make, make install.  I also like to add the
config option of "--bindir=/usr/local/bin" to mine so that i get it all
in where all users can use the php binary...


On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 19:25, Mike D wrote:
> I am trying to execute a php script from the command line but came to 
> realize that I can't locate any php binary file.
> I thought there had to be a php bin file in order for php to work or am 
> i missing something?
> NOTE: i have looked in /usr/bin/, /usr/local/bin/ and ran locates but 
> found nothing.
> Msytified,
> Mike D
.: B i g D o g :.

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