Ok, I combined both, your tip and Brent's, now I have the following error, with the following code:

Fatal error: Cannot pass parameter 1 by reference in /home/shadowlight/public_html/test/libs/global.lib.php on line 296

function load(&$class){
global $$class;

$$class = new $class;
$this->loaded[$class] = 1;

$$class->setup(); // Run constructor

return false;
return true;
Danny Shepherd wrote:


Adding the following as the first line of overall->load() should solve your

global $$class;



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Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 8:18 PM
Subject: [PHP] OOP-related question

>I have the following script:
>class overall {
>function overall(){
>$this->loaded['overall'] =1;
>function load($class){
>$$class = new $class;
>$this->loaded[$class] = 1;
>$$class->setup(); // Run constructor
>return false;
>return true;
>then I have a few classes, which hold a setup() function as thei
>'constructor'. Then, I do this:
>$overall = new overall;
>this should load the debug class. I want it to load to $debug->, but it
>won't even load to $overall->debug
>It's not really a *need* to have this, it's just something that will
>help me in keeping control over all classes. I don't want to use new
>class, because this way it would be easier to 'instruct' the
>'constructor' of those new classes to change the values of the vars to a
>specific one, without calling for something weird...
>anyway, it doesn't work, and it doesn't spit out an error either.
>Any ideas?
>- Tularis
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