Okay this is probably a common subject for questions from newbies like me but I searched the archive first and I didn't find anything about my specific question.

I have been learning PHP for a few weeks now and I have a working download counter script already wrote. It works great the way it is, it just doesn't work quite the way I want it to. My script can keep track of multiple files, it adds new files on the fly if they are not already in the counter file, it keeps track of an unlimited (with-in reason of course) number of files all from a single text file (could easily be configured to use a database as well), it can display the count for any file, it has an option to display a list of all the files it is tracking with the count for each file, and with a little work I will be able to combine it with a page load tracking script I made and they will be able to share the same text file to store the counts in.

This is all great, the problem is that it loads a new page the way I am doing it. I am using the header() function to get the browser to download. I have seen sites with counters that download the file and update the count without loading a new page, without reloading the current page even. So I am wondering how are they doing this? Or better yet how can I get my script to work like I wish it to?

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