On Friday 15 November 2002 18:39, Hacook wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a very long charachter chain which is like that :
> Number*link*name*Number*link*name*Number*link*name*Number*link*name*
> I made a php script to cut it thanks to the "*" to make a list with a
> number, and the name hyperlinked to the link.
> The thing is that after i get a data (number, link or name), i use
> str_replace to cut it off the chain to get the next one.
> But as my numbers are sometime the same, i have troubles because it cuts
> all the same numbers off.
> Can i just cut one ?
> Thanks a lot for reading me and maybe answer me ? :-)

One way to do this: (Untested, use with extreme caution)
  $pieces = explode('*', $long_character_chain);

  while (!empty($pieces)) {
    $number = array_shift($pieces);
    $link = array_shift($pieces);
    $name = array_shift($pieces);
    // do whatever you need to make your link
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