On Friday 15 November 2002 03:02, Coert Metz wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I have some few problems with the shell_exec command.
> I want to send a fax with hylafax using the sendfax program in linux.
> When I try to do shell_exec ("sendfax -n -d faxnumber faxfile") it will

I have a little app which allows someone to enter a number and upload a PDF 
file which gets faxed using sendfax. Works fine here. I'm basically doing the 
same as you are:

  shell_exec("sendfax $OPTIONS -d $DESTINATION $FILE");

> not work I can see in my httpd file that linux only gets the command
> 'sendfax' and not the parameters '-n -d .....'.

What httpd file? You mean the log? What exactly do you see? Copy-paste the 

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