"Ernest E Vogelsinger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> At 23:53 14.11.2002, Lars Espelid said:
> --------------------[snip]--------------------
> >Try to execute this code:
> >if (ereg[^0-9], $num))
> >    print "That's not a number!";
> >
> >result: parsing error, expects ')' on the if-line.
> You forgot an opening bracket, and need to quote the regex, like
>     if (ereg('[^0-9]', $num))
>         print "That's not a number!";

I think I'm missing something here but while the regex might be correct,
don't you think the "print ..." part is incorrect?

I mean, _negative_ numbers are numbers, no?

Wouldn't it be better just to use is_int() or is_numeric()?

- E


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