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> Well, I just wanted to say that not *all* support it--esp. , I think, by
> the original authors :)

The official GD library no longer supports GIF ...

> Didn't they remove it from version 1.6? That's why the original poster was
> looking for v1.5? (Maybe he's concerned about copyright, etc.)

... because of patents issues with the some aspects of the GIF format.

If the OP was concerned about such issues then he/she should not be using GIF 
at all!

> PS
> BTW, of course someone can argue about what the word "support" implies. You
> can just add a "patch" and it'll "support" it but that wasn't my point, at
> least...

IIRC the author specifically removed all older versions of GD (those that 
supported GIF). Thus is you're talking 'official' support then GD does not 
support GIF, period, because the older versions aren't supposed to exist 
anymore. So basically if you want GD with GIF you're going have to patch it.

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