Sure you can do it, you can retrieve it in your code as
$_GET['filetosend']. However, you have to be very careful with the
user's input, as someone could pass malicious file names, like
"/etc/passwd", which you probably wouldn't want to disclose.

So, unless you impose draconian restrictions and checks--or security is
not a concern... I suggest you think up a different mechanism :=)

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I may be way off base on this, but is it possible to specify a filename
on a url as in...

The user types in http://server/script.php?filetosend=filename.txt

The script.php recieves that file and processes accordingly?  Because
of the way its specified it would be a GET but I am not sure if this is
even possible.

Something tells me I have seen this done before but I am not sure. 
Thanks for any help on this.  I have done some Googling and Archive
search for something related and have come up blank.


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