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> I'm creating a form which will allow individuals to add themselves to an
> online database and ask if they'd like to upload a picture.  I have the
> form setup which allows the individuals to add themselves - currently it
> asks if they have a picture to upload (a yes or no drop menu).  On the
> screen after the individual adds them self, I'd like to check the database
> for the last entry (the one just made) and then see if the picture column
> has a yes or a no stored.
> What I don't know is how to select the last entry in a database ... I'm
> sure its something very simple, but with being up until 5am working on this
> site - it's slipped by caffeine powered brain.

To answer your question first, assuming you have an numeric, unique id
column, you would do something like


BUT, it's *possible* that another row could be inserted before you get the
chance to check... the real key here (assuming you are using MySQL) is to
use mysql_insert_id().

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