Yes it would.  I like to make things complicated :)

Robbert van Andel 

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Err... sorry. The logic was there but my fingers got a bit ahead of my 
brain. The check works, but if you want to just check if it's empty turn 
the conditional to a negative, like so:

if (!$testVar) {

That makes it "If NOT $testVar"

 > I may be crazy, but wouldn't if ($variable) work just as well? If the 
string is empty it'll return a negatory on that check.
 > Lemme double check that.
 > $testVar = "";
 > if ($testVar) {
 >   echo "Yes";
 > }
 > else {
 >   echo "No";
 > }
 > Yeah, ok. That ran just fine under 4.2.3.
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