"Khalid El-Kary" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi,
> i was asking if there should be difference in functionality of PH string
> functions (not mb_) between the two following configurations:
> the company: PHP 4.2.1, Apache 1.3.20, linux
> me: PHP 4.2.3, Apache 1.3.24, windows
> my conf    the company's conf
> thread safety Enabled Disabled
> allow_call_time_pass_reference  off   On
> implicit_flush on off
> log_errors off on
> magic_qoutes_gpc off on
> register_globals off on

Since I haven't seen any of your code, all I can do is guess.

So, I think it would be better if you just
(1) Edit your php.ini. Make the setting the same as the company's. (Later,
you might want to look at the way they compiled their php as well.)
(2) After you finish editing, restart your web server. Then,
(3) Try running your php scripts again.

IF you are able to run the scripts without any problem THEN the problem lies
somewhere else...

- E

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