I have totally no clue at all wether I am posting in the right newsgroup
here, and I was not planning on caching all messages in my (first time used,
I prefer Outlook) Outlook Express before searching.  So if I am disobeying
all rules here ...  I'm sorry ...  I just am not an experienced news-service
user ...

Now, my question/remark/bug report.  It concerns, ad you could guess, the
preg_replace_callback function.  The manual is very short on this function,
and the comments posted on the online-version of the manual, are not helping
me, either ...  I am trying to use this function as the regular preg_replace
can be used, namely woth a patterns-array, a replacement-array (which gets
the callback-array) and a subject.  This doesn't work, though ...  It
appears as if the callback-variant of the preg_replace version isn't capable
of handling multiple patterns at a time.  This is the error-message I get:
"Warning: preg_replace_callback() requires argument 2, 'Array', to be a
valid callback in ...".  I pass it, as a second argument, an Array that
consists of strings containing the names of functions I defined later in my
php-file.  (Hmmm ...  Could that be the problem?  Tha fact that I define the
functions AFTER I give the Array tot the functions?  Don't think so, though

Did anybody have the same experience, or am I really doing something wrong?

Tnx in advance for any reply!!


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