Does anybody know of a SELECT QUERY that will select every other record of a
table ?  I want to do this so that I can display my products in 2 columns (I
will also be using arrays of course).

The first column would show the result of the first query starting at record
1.  The second column would show the result of the second query starting at
record 2.  Each query just needs to skip a record so that products are
ordered correctly (1,2 in first row.  3,4 in second row...)

And I want the query to work without relying on ID fields.  The reason being
is that when you delete a record, you can end up with a column ID of say
1,2,3,5 (like if you delete record 4).

Originally, I set up my tables up using Dreamweaver with repeat regions.
But that's only ok if you want one record per row going down vertically.
The Macromedia web site does show you how to display all your records
repeating horizontally but doesn't tell you how to limit to 2 columns.  So
both ways are useless to me.


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