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>> The function imap_open() is for opening an connection to an IMAP
>> server.  It doesn't operate directly on a file system and it is
>> ignorant of the actual mailbox implementation as this is all
>> abstracted by the IMAP protocol.  Where the mail is stored is a
>> function of your IMAP server, not PHP.
>That's not actually true.  The imap functions are an abstraction on top of
>many different backends, not just imap.  You can talk to pop and nntp
>servers as well, for example, and yes, even a local mailstore with no
>server involved at all.

Oops, my mistake.  I was not aware.  And of course I see now the
second sentence on the IMAP documentation which says "local mailbox
access methods".  Is there any more documentation on using this

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