You don't need to use forms (which you got wrong), but simple links with target="lowerframe" and
href="lowerframe.php?tableID=$tableID", then you get in your lowerframe.php $_GET['tableID']

Adrian Partenie wrote:

I could use some help.

I have two framed pages, upperframe.html and lowerframe.html. In upper frame.html:

echo "<table border=1>"; echo "<tr><td></td><td>ID</td><td>Subject</td><td>Open</td><td>Close</td></tr>"; while($row = MySQL_fetch_array($result)) { echo "<tr><td><form><input type=\"checkbox\" method=\"post\" name=\"linia\"></form></td>"; echo "<td><a href=\"????\" target=\"_parent\">{$row['id']}</a></td>"; ??????????????
echo "<td>{$row['subject']}</td>"; echo "<td>{$row['open']}</td>";
echo "<td>{$row['close']}</td></tr>"; } echo "</table>";

I display the content of the main table, which has an autoincrement index. For every index I have another table, something like tableID. What I want is to press on the id from a row in upperframe table and to display in lowerframe the tableID. How can I do that?

Thanks a lot,

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