check the value of output_handler or try calling flush() before the code.
Did you not change anything in apache?

Adam Humphrey wrote:

When I upgraded to 4.2.3 from 4.2.2 I no longer am able to see HTML before
PHP code that takes a while to process.

I made sure that I've set "output_buffering =off" but I still have this

When I hit the page with the following code on my server, it will wait 10
secs before it displays any of the HTML on the page. I want it to display
the HTML at the top and then execute the code after the PHP block when the
PHP has finished. This code worked in 4.2.2 but no longer. :-(

Example code:
<p id="hide">Working...</p>
sleep ( 10 );
<p id="show" style="display:none;">DONE!</p>
<script language="JavaScript">

Does anyone know what setting has caused this code to no longer work like it
did in 4.2.2?

Any input would be helpful.



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